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The Market's not just for groceries

Oh god rose, the build up. The suspense...and then when everyone suspects what's going to happen, you throw in the curve ball and leave me blinking at my screen. That was brilliantly horrifying in every respect, and so clearly outlines what is to be expected from the brutality of the slavers. I have every sympathy for the characters involved x.x;

Break me out from the prison of my own pride.


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To See is to Believe
Is it sad that it amuses me when Sephiroth uses an artifact to cover his identity? Also it seems such items barely work long before failing. Conflicting emotions perhaps~ Anywho it's nice to see Angeal out attempting to relax for a change. Busy man, busy. Starting to think he's a workaholic... >3> Anywhooooo way to go Fayz! Mad conjuring skills you has. Certainly not a shy fellow either the way you captured a crowd.

Ending and Beginning
More than intrigued to see how Angeal deals his discharge with other than honorable conditions. After all one must embrace dreams and protect their honor~ Love how he's still concerned with new recruits training, unable to find comfort in another taking over his old role.

Must say slightly surprised to find the Paladin on High as kind as he was. Direct, yes, but his words never hinted anything other than respect. Even went out of his way to pass on the ruling in private rather than a court room.

The Constraints of Pride
Amusing to see that the Paladin on High doesn't always get along with the Lady or Heirophant. More entertained by his fear of... disfigurement. Watch out noble Cherub, you might just find a wing missing one day. >3> ... *casts a quick glance at Sera*

Quite the unique meeting eh Sephiroth? You're only received the verdict of honorable discharge from a man you've looked up to... or is it his roll in office you admire more? Whatever the case you somehow managed to hide unease and pain well. Wounds can be nasty buggers. Really intertwining his healing process into the story line well Bun! Also trust Sephiroth to ask for his friend's loyal actions to be considered past blatantly leaving posts without notice. Quite gutsy given how high up in rank this Paladin is... and how strict the rules are.

Shifting Memories
One question... Trisuri why do you like snow globs so much? You seem to find one quite often anyway. |D Unintentional no doubt. In any case it seems you've found yourself amongst some trouble. Not quite the intelligence information you were looking for but a thief has appeared. Lucky for victims of the crook's exploits Kael isn't about to let him escape. Quite a intimidating brownie. What with being able to pick the slender thief up with one hand. To bad the arriving security Cherubs have such rude manors. Truly you should welcome any help keeping a thief off the street... >3> Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out.

A Rose Has It's Thorns
Wow... the first post into his childhood blew me away. Childish fighting turned three sixty as even the adults became fearful. Majority being because the orphan has a bit of enemy blood in his veins. The other part due to his normally detached ways breaking into rage. Powerful. Specially the false tranquility near the end as everything falls into this eerie silence. Truly instills a glimpse into why Sephiroth is the way he is.

Second post of Jehan's guilt is touching. Being as he knows the pain of loosing parents makes it all the more ironic. What with how he won Sephiroth's tears proving to the other kids that even a taint can cry. Yet in his victory can't bring himself to eat the prize.

Third post. Frozen tears... T_T

Learned a new word due to this title~ Anywho Myfanwy's adoration for her sister is touching. Plus I highly approve in her method in surviving such parties. As for Eulalie... ohmygoshIcan'tstoplaughing. The entrance was priceless! Look forward to seeing more of her forest friends. For sure Trisuri's in for a treat at this party (given he seems to avoid them).

Captured Shadow
Enter stage right; Estrian's sister. My your brother has quite the conscious doesn't he? 7 gold coins and an exhausting night later you find him sleeping in a healers tent worse for wear. Wasn't he suppose to make money on the last job? Anyway Estrian's one lucky Imp to have a sister like her. Can't say all siblings would, but some might have just stuck a sword through the unconscious Cherub. What with it seeming the charity case never being but a shadow of himself. Pun intended. Excited it's growing closer to where Trisuri and Estrian may exchange words. Heal faster dag nab it!

Quick shout out to Ginko who aided an Imp. Quite rare to see the two races working together. All the same they seem quite content to 'ignore' what one another's name might be. Depending on what you view as lucky Estrian the night wasn't a total loss due to the kind Fairy. You may have been used in a way dislike but at least no one died because of it. Yet.

"Diplomatic" Immunity
Ah the topic of poison was priceless. October's playful side shines through here~ Who knew possible death could be an ice breaker between the two? Regardless it's nice to see Roman opening up some. Might mean this whole job of getting healed will be a little less painful.

Rapid Heartbeat
I think I stated how much I hated this master in another comment... but this reinforces my dislike for the Imp. What the heck!? It's hard enough having to live your life by a master's whim. Now having to see a friend in such a state? Truly no boundaries to what an owner can enforce over their slaves... wana say things could be worse but... sort of hard to picture anything at the moment. Maybe if the building spontaneously combusted?

I Wana Hear Love Speak
Shahrazad is such a sweetheart~ Love how he dances to comfort the women of the harem. Found it interesting he doesn't long for freedom despite being held captive the way he is. Granted it's sort of hard to miss something you've never had. Even so his mother hopes for something more. As any caring parent might... Still it's so adorable! She's even spirited away a few swords for her son to practice with. Not that he's used the blades in such a way. Stubborn male trying desperately to distance himself from their captor's character in everyway. At least he makes up for it by playing tag with the fellow women that reside there. Keeping what could be a dreary place full of laughter. So adorable how the little one caught him~ Such a heartfelt conversation as well. May your prince come someday little Centaur.

A Chance Meeting
Les lost looking for the Bazaar~ Which doesn't seem all that hard to do. >3> What with the marketplace moving at random. Wonder how Centaurs keep track of it... anywho the hybrid's lucked out finding a friendly travel guide. Granted I can't wait to see his reaction when Deth turns into his horse form in daylight. That's got to be frustrating having no control over transformations.

Diviner's Ascent
Love how comfortable Dev and Ananta are with each other~ Nice look into their everyday lives... >3> Is Dev an occasional smoker? Certainly enjoying whatever he smoked. Anywho their preferences in food choices amuse me. Ananta seems to be the healthier of the two. Not that Dev's metabolism shows it in his lean figure. Loved the confrontation with the bullies! Specially how the brother's air magic was described and having to rely on his sister to disperse the remaining electricity. Not that the well won swim wasn't tainted by the bully's distain. Sad they have to deal with such things, on no doubt a constant basis.

And That Cleans Up The Matter
Ananta sees social interaction as a reason to prepare for battle. Where as Dev thinks the worst of others to avoid being bitterly disappointed. |D Nope the life of being constantly looked down on hasn't effected these two. *bricked* In all seriousness Personal Betterment Hour should totally be a thing. Best idea ever... now if only I could trick myself into following it. Anywho I have to say good luck to Les on attempting to flirt with these two. Seems they'll be one of his toughest challenges yet. Possibly anyway. At least he's never lacking in the confidence department. Gota love a man with confidence.

Wavering Light
Sephiroth the test subject... then again who wouldn't want to try out a prototype ice or fire blade? *raises hand slowly* Anywho he's certainly getting along better with Lady Savan than he does with her son, Trisuri. At least the two males have a sort of understanding going now. Not that their conversations are the smoothest. Seem to unintentionally challenge one another somehow. Then again perhaps Sephiroth is just better at holding his emotions in check with the elder female. After all she's certainly given him quite a few reasons to be miffed.

Interesting the Lady suspects the ex-general of being a Light relative. (Proven false by a dinviner who could only see so much). Even so the look into his past is quite endearing for that little information. Sort of verifies his parents wanted him. Which is good considering hearing the opposite would have been... well at least to me traumatizing.
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Air Time

Somehow, when you said you wanted to write, I had the funny feeling it was going to be about the Paladin and was hoping it would be >D Enjoying the freedom of battle interrupted by the annoyance of the Lady on High, and how this validates the concept that began that she's got a great deal of control over him. Very curious to see more and how this all plays out, and what exactly her role is over him, and how he deals with it.


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lol i don't know if i'll do anything else with that.  i just wanted a writing prompt, someone told me fight scene, and that came to mind. <3


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Awwww I was looking forwards to seeing the meeting XD

Midnight Phantom

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Air time

That....was fun to read. ^.^ it gave a peek at the Paladin's life when he was at his most relax, basically just practicing with friends. A showing of the skill he had to be able to -almost- get all three of them down and the dislike of the Lady on High.

((Angeal:with him on that:: ))

I enjoyed the flight battle XD  easy to mentally picture that ^.^ again very fun.

Autumn gives way to winter

Mind games all around, love to see the smooth movement of time and days as the story progress. It isn't stuck in a day or even two but in weeks and probably months. The hunting or haunting of one bored/infatuated siren against a another. Curious to see more of their motivations revealed.

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Sanguinity (Eulalie/Myfanwy/Trisuri)

This RP is interesting on so many levels. I love the way Eulalies thoughts and those of her animal companions play out-so human and yet not human at all. Watching the animals think about the human interactions around them and drawing comparisons to their own knowledge of their species is both humorous and compelling. Trisuri and Myfanwy contrast each other well, serious against a backdrop of chaos as they move in the dance, both literally and figuratively speaking. It's also interesting to see how Trisuri considers those younger than himself to be little more than children despite an adult form.

And Trisuri, forgive me, but one of these days, Lassard is going to have to invite these three to a party just to watch your reaction. He's busy laughing himself sick in a corner of my head right now XD

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Dear Diary

Laurel's idea on what to give Hugo made my giggle, poor birds! But really why do they keep flying into his window XD
Also Conrad's reaction! And Laurel's solution to remember the moment ...was perfect if she ever gets her divination up at high XD

Of fabrication and promises

What did Jade take? ::curious:: muhahaha XD poor Kira...even so I really like the way she teased them and taunted then..especially about not being canine based. Also ouch....she doesn't seem like the only shadow weaver there.


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Bahahaha finally back to commenting on RPs~ >3>

I'm Not Your Hero
Got to explain why I liked the most recent post here. Basically this entire thread just twists at my heart. Friends reaching toward one another. Willing to help each other. Yet the world won't let it be that simple. Hatred. Pain. Since parting both have had to deal with such atrocities that it twists their very soul. Unable to see completely eye to eye, will their friendship last? Could they stand against a friend or family member who'd mortally harm the other taint? I'd like to say yes... but even I won't disagree with my father or grandparents on much less unimportant things. It's hard to disappoint those you've spent 20 some years with. Harder yet to betray all that's expected of you.

Which makes this thread all the more interesting to follow~ through strife, trust and misunderstandings carry on Stain and Sephiroth. Withstand the world as long as possible. Then when the end draws near, hold true.

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I'm Not Your Hero

I would have liked the same post Kira did if it were possible XD that post pretty much sums up the title of the thread while giving a glimpse at the struggled they are both dealing with, and the expectations of both sides as well as his own wishes. Very well done, also went "hah he finally told him! "
Cloud! I giggled when I saw him appear. Already he is being forced to a place he would have never gone and in a form that would get him in trouble if found out, very curious to see how it will play out.
Stain, ::pat pat:: hard to deal with things when both have experienced different types of pain.

 Louder Than Words

Althea is adorable O.o ^.~. And cloud... Poor cloud ::pats him:: she just wants to be friends, amazing as that is to you. Again very nice o.o wonder how they change from that first meeting to current time ^.^


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Dear Noble Diary (Laural Solo)

First of all.... OH MY GOD COULD ROSS BE ANY MORE ADORABLE? Seriously. I love how flustered she described him as being, and the rough housing with his brothers. I also like the sharp contrast between Laural's own family, and this simpler family life she's been allowed to see. All of these "undercover" adventures between her and Ross really interest me. Plus love how she can't quite shake being a noble even around so much fun, with her silent air. Will she loosen up during the next visit?~ Eager to see :3

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Dear Noble Diary (Laural Solo)

Adorable XD  and also an unexpected look into Ross life and Laurel's view of it. Even with the disguises it was interesting to see how you played her, and took the third person view quite well as she observed everything. Very nicely done and again :: pats Ross:: cute XD


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I'll try to refrain from posting "moar moar moar" in capslocks and instead make an intelligible comment XD But that brief glimpse was so good, not only because you can clearly see the tense dynamic between the lady on high and the paladin, but because the contrast between them is stark. While the Lady surrounds herself with beauty, it's a cold beauty. And yet while the paladin surrounds himself with blood, he's more human than she. And I want to know what is being hinted at with the Heirophant soooo badly.

Also, I love the fact that you showed a bit of how the grounds are lain out and what the buildings are like there. I like having reference points like that.



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Thank you, Bbbuuunnnnn!!!!! <33333

They have been... stupid fun to play.  D8  And i really like Mr. Seamus. xD;

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Yes!  Two posts and you have given them bases, I like how the paladin is thinking and observing but there is a hanging " but..."  A hinting of something else yet to come ^.^ really curious how it will go from there! especially where in his first thread you see he is as Bun said more personable  with his flying and playing but can quickly get down to business.